Our Process

1. Understanding you and your business- Before we start any marketing or advertising work; we need to understand your business and what your goals are. To do that, we ask many questions in hopes of getting a good idea of what the problems are and what the possible marketing/advertising solutions can be.

2. Market Assessment - We need to assess your businesses market including the competition, industry trends, new technologies and standards that impact your Small Business.

3. Target Demographic Research-After we have understood what your personal and business goals are; we will start our research process to define who your target audience is. Who is your target audience? What does he do for a living? Where does he spend his money? What is his purchasing power? Given his current economic situation, what gives him the most utility? What information does he value? What services does he value? What does he expect from similar services or products?

4. Branding- Branding is essentially creating an image and personality of your business. This new brand should be based on your target audience and should relate to them in order to create a relationship of trust and familiarity. Your brand will also be a great asset in hiring the right talent and human resources.

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Inc. magazine, founded in 1979 and based in New York City, is an American monthly publication focused on growing companies. The magazine publishes an annual list of the 500 fastest-growing private companies in the U.S., the "Inc. 500."

The magazine has quickly expanded along with the needs of its readers, equipping entrepreneurs with the critical information they require and demand to grow their businesses.
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5. Logo Design-Your Logo is the face of your company and needs to be relevant, interesting and representing of your goods and services. After researching and assessing your target demographic and market; we will have a general idea of what is expected.

6.Website Development-Nothing beats a good, content rich, and user friendly website that draws people in, arouses further interest and leads people to the ultimate sale. At Gor1la Media, we engage in many prerequisite research, branding, logo design, demographic analysis, audience analysis and ad formulation before we engage in the website design.

7. SEO-Search engine optimization is the primary marketing backbone of any enterprise. Having a good rank in search engines is the equivalent of having a great storefront in a premium location during pre-internet times. SEO is an art but mostly a science and needs a persistent and long term strategy. At Gor1la Media we focus on SEO so that your business attracts relevant organic traffic.

8. Social Media Marketing-Social Media Marketing provides businesses with the best possible channel to build rapport, trust and relationships with their customers and prospects. Social media can be used to deliver news, share content, handle complaints, and respond to inquiries and even to reach new customers. We will show you the benefits and process of undergoing an Organic Strategy and also shifting to higher gear with PPC.

9. Ad Formulation/PPC-As you create content, build relationships with your customers online, establish trust and ultimately establish a presence online; Google will begin to like you. However, this will take time. While you wait and slowly pick up organic traffic and start converting; It is a good strategy to employ a paid advertising campaign that will help draw people into your network and sustain your business flow as you pick up organically. At Gor1la Media, we place the biggest emphasis on research and planning in order to identify all possible options to increase sale and drive your business to the next level.


Gor1la Media creates a marketing campaign integrating multiple tactics. Our consultants carefully track ROI on tactics from many campaigns in various markets.